The Cleveland Company = TCC = Total Customer Care

My Dad and I founded The Cleveland Company (TCC) 25 years ago with one guiding principle: To help people understand what their employee benefits can do for them.

Our mission at The Cleveland Company is TCC : “Total Customer Care” – taking exceptional care of our clients and their employees via affordable, comprehensive benefit plans, that people understand.

As a premier company providing employee benefit services in Minnesota, we listen carefully to your specific needs and requirements in order to develop insurance solutions with a level of care and coverage difficult to find anywhere else. We strive to graduate to “Trusted Advisor” status with our clients as we nurture long term relationships.

We are not owned by a larger company. We’re not big in hierarchy. We are big in helping our customers navigate the often confusing and constantly changing, highly regulated employee benefits waters.
As our client, you have our undivided attention, respect and understanding. Built on a foundation of honesty, integrity, trust and creativity, our family owned business works as a team to develop exceptional programs that our clients rely on to grow and succeed in today’s ever-changing market.

Our equation for success includes our experience, our licensed, professional staff, and our commitment to Total Customer Care.
I love helping people understand their benefits. But it’s not just me at The Cleveland Company. We’re a small team of people working nimbly, developing and implementing tactics, strategy, timing and utilizing multiple resources to create the very best employee benefits programs and achieve your goals.

I’m passionate about insurance, assisting company’s in providing the very best benefits at the very best price, and helping employees understand their employee benefits.

Each of our business have different factors for their employee benefits programs. Some have 10 employees, while others have 200. Some are local only; many have branch offices in other states.

Even with differing goals, our goal is the same: Total Customer Care.
That means we work closely with client companies to help employees make smarter benefit choices while navigating the current financial trend that increasingly exposes employees to new, difficult and expensive choices.

Our distinct specialty is creating success stories in this challenging, complex world of employee benefits. We serve real people with real problems by working closely with employers who care about their employees.

Please ask us and our clients about our services, experience with employee benefit plans, fees and expenses, customer references or other information relating to the quality of their services and customer satisfaction with such services.

“We have been very happy with Cleveland Company. They have helped us navigate the constantly changing world of health insurance and other employee benefits. I feel like we have been able to provide our employees with a high level of benefits while managing costs for both the employee and the organization. Thanks for all you do!”

Natalie Ramer, Chief Financial Officers, Benilde-St. Margaret’s School
Staying informed of options, outcomes and require leadership, teamwork and rapid decision-making to be successful. Innovative problem-solving, clear goals and effective communications are also necessary. Compliance and regulations are constantly changing and our team is well versed in staying on top of the latest changes.

Are you happy with your employee benefits provider?

Are they looking out for your best interests and helping you navigate the complex and continually changing laws?

Many businesses rely on us to advise them and assist them with their employee benefit plan duties. Here’s a list of what we at The Cleveland Company consider a small part of our commitment to Total Customer Care.

  1. Our team will help you assess and consider what services you need for your plan: medical, dental, vision, retirement, legal, accounting, trustee/custodial, recordkeeping, investment management, investment education or advice.
  2. We’ll introduce you to our alliances with providers and our extensive network.
  3. We will review the terms of any agreements or contracts you sign with us and the fees and expenses associated with the contracts. We will help you understand what obligations we have to you and you hold under the service agreement and whether the fees and expenses to be charged to you and plan participants are reasonable and customary.
  4. You’ll receive a commitment from us to regularly provide you with information regarding our services and options for improvement. We’ll periodically review our performance to ensure that we are providing the services in a manner and at a cost consistent with the agreements.
  5. We’ll regularly review plan participant comments or any complaints about the services and periodically ask whether there have been any changes in the information you provided to us.

That’s just a small part of what we do at The Cleveland Company. We develop and implement strategies to help your business navigate the complex benefits arena.

We offer Total Customer Care: We prepare, strategize, move quickly and smartly. And help you understand the benefit options you can offer to your employees.

To put our 25+ years’ experience navigating employee benefits programs to work for your organization, all you have to do is call.

Be well,

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