SHC HR Services takes a practical approach to supporting clients with their Recruiting and Hiring needs. We are not a search firm per se but our consultants have in-depth expertise and many years of experience in effectively managing the Recruiting Process including sourcing, screening and identifying high quality candidates for your open positions. Our approach to helping insure that they get “the Right talent in the Right seats on the bus” is as follows:

1. Assist in finalizing the Job Description. Assistance from an experienced HR professional with expertise in Recruiting to develop and/or strengthen the job description as needed to reflect the responsibilities of the position, the desired capabilities, and educational requirements.

2. Source high quality Candidates. Identify the best to place(s) to post the position (such as professional associations, industry publications, local and/or regional newspapers, etc.) as well as network to get the word out and attract good quality candidates for the position.

3. Review Candidate Information. Accept, review and screen resumes. Identify the best qualified candidates to meet the organizations position requirements.

4. Screen Candidates. Develop a Telephone Screening Questionnaire for the open position and conduct a telephone interview with designated qualified candidates.

5. Recommendations. Discuss the available qualified candidates and provide recommendations on finalist candidates identified for your consideration. We can work with you to schedule face-to-face interviews with you and those on the Management team that you designate or you can schedule these interviews yourself, whatever works best for you.

6. Conduct follow up reference checks on the final candidate, if needed. Please note that this is not a background check and the Company would need to conduct that process if it’s something that is desired.

7. Assist as needed in developing the offer of employment.

The approach we use will save you time by expediting your hiring process and result in the selection of a high quality hire more efficiently and quickly for the organization. As a general guideline, we have found that our approach to Recruiting and Hiring results in a cost of approximately 10% to 15% of the first years pay rate for the open position.

For more information on the services provided by SevenHills Cleveland HR Services please contact Nicole Dodge Klitzke at 952.562.9431 or via e-mail at