The level of growth and success any company is able to achieve is dependent on the competence of its workforce and effectiveness of its leaders.

As the business grows, the ability of the entrepreneurial founder to personally oversee all aspects of the company becomes limited. Continued growth requires an investment in leadership development at all levels of the company. This investment is rewarded by increased productivity, higher employee retention, and faster growth in both top line sales and profitability.

Specializing in Closely held corporations as well as Family owned-business, our consultants are focused on assisting companies with the development of their workforce, their leaders, and their people.

Areas of focus include:

    ♦ Leadership Development (Individual and Company)
    ♦ Supervisory Management Training and Mentoring
    ♦ Motivating and Retaining your Workforce
    ♦ Managing Difficult Employees
    ♦ Executive Coaching
    ♦ Succession Planning
    ♦ Large Group Facilitation
    ♦ Team Development and Readiness

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