The HR Hotline provides quick access to practical advice and information not only on urgent, pressing HR-related issues but on the more routine types of HR questions as well.

The HR Hotline will help in a wide range of areas including compliance, discipline, employee relations, hiring, termination, benefits administration, leaves of absence and time off issues, performance management, and interpretation and application of Human Resources and company policy.

Have a question? Please ask! The HR Hotline is a valuable service provided to SevenHills Cleveland clients without charge.
Employers who are not SevenHills Cleveland clients are welcome to this assistance at our regular billing rates.

*HR Hotline calls are generally defined as relatively quick in nature. When calls involve more complicated HR-related questions and/or require in-depth research, clients will be informed of this and provided a proposal of steps to be taken and costs associated with the work.

HR Hotline services provided by SHC HR Consulting Services are delivered “just in time”, based on your priorities and those of the business. We provide what you need as soon as you need it in order to ensure that your HR questions and concerns are addressed in ways that bring added value to the business.

For more information on the services provided by SevenHills Cleveland HR Services please contact Nicole Dodge Klitzke at 952.5629431 or via e-mail at