No matter how well run, every company which has employees will eventually encounter the need for legal advice and consultation. We provide employers frank, prudent and business appropriate advice and consultation regarding a wide range of employment issues which may arise including:

    ♦ Hiring and Termination Consultation and Documentation;
    ♦ Employee Discipline Documentation and Consultation;
    ♦ Creation and Review of Employment Policies and Procedures;
    ♦ Employment Contracts, Confidentiality Agreements, and Non-Competition Agreements;
    ♦ Establishing Drug Testing Programs;
    ♦ Employee Classification under State and Federal Wage and Hour laws;
    ♦ Use of Independent Contractors;
    ♦ Response to Administrative Complaints and Audits;
    ♦ Defense of Employee Claims in Litigation.

For more information on the services provided by SevenHills Cleveland HR Services please contact Nicole Dodge Klitzke at 952.562.9431 or via e-mail at