SevenHills Cleveland (SHC) HR Services offers a comprehensive review of existing Employee Handbooks for clients and provides a detailed summary of recommendations for revision to bring the organization’s policies, procedures and practices up to date with HR good business practices and in compliance with employment regulations applicable to the size, type and culture of your business.

One of our areas of specialty at SHC HR Services is providing a clear, easy-to-understand Employee Handbooks that will enhance the communication of compliance areas which are often complicated and confusing for everyone. The contents of an Employee Handbook can vary somewhat depending on the number of policies, procedures, and practices that an organization may want to include. We will work with you to recommend and develop an Employee Handbook including only what is needed for compliance and good business practices. In addition, we will also include those policies and practices present in your existing handbook which are specific to the Company that you don’t want to lose.

If your organization is large enough in size that you are required by law to comply with applicable Minnesota Pregnancy & Parenting Leave (20 or more employees) and/or the federal Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) (50 or more employees) it will be important to develop and implement comprehensive leave policies in compliance with one or both of these leave regulations. Administering employee leaves of absence can be complicated and difficult – often depending upon the individual circumstances because each leave is a little different. Including these policies in your Employee Handbook will insure that you have a procedure for leaves of absence so they can be handled fairly and consistently when they occur. In addition, an employee will know what to do to request a leave when they need one and you will know how to respond and how to protect the organization when an employee returns from a family medical leave of absence.

Our process is to read through the handbook and provide you with a detailed summary of recommendations for revision reflecting changes, additions and/or deletions needed to insure compliance with applicable regulations as well as to address best practices for the Company. Included in the summary of recommendations will be a cost proposal for having SHC HR Services update the Employee Handbook based upon the revisions needed.

SevenHills Cleveland HR Services specializes in the development of high quality Employee Handbooks and policies that fit the culture and nature of your business and that meet the compliance requirements.

For more information on the services provided by SevenHills Cleveland HR Services please contact Nicole Dodge Klitzke at 952.562.9431 or via e-mail at