Voluntary benefits include a variety of types of insurance: life, disability, dental, vision, and long term care/critical illness. Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), are quite popular to help offset tax implications for a wide variety of medical and family expenses. For your employees who want more from their benefit plan, we offer a full line of voluntary benefits. Employees are given the flexibility to choose these optional, affordable benefits, and, depending on how the benefit is structured, employees gladly pay the cost.

These benefits can be designed so that there is no direct cost to the employer or, in some cases, costs can be shared with employers. You choose. These include a wide range of benefits which employers can choose to offer, and employees can choose if they wish.

Voluntary benefits fall under four broad categories:

  • Health – Provide well-being.
  • Wealth accumulation – Protect income and assets.
  • Security – Protect survivors and vulnerable people.
  • Personal – Provide access to products and services that are important to individuals.

Ask us about the full line of voluntary benefits we can help you offer to your employees.