At SevenHills Cleveland Benefit Partners (SHC) we are proud of our partnership with the UBA. We believe it’s one way that we can offer you national expertise within our local office.

About the UBA

United Benefit Partners (UBA) is an exclusive partnership of 138 of the nation’s leading independent employee benefits advisors. The UBA membership includes over 2,000 professionals: benefits advisors, wellness specialists, underwriters, actuaries, attorneys, HR administrative consultants, nurses and communication experts.

UBA’s mission is to provide an organizational environment that empowers independent benefit advisory firms to both maintain their independence and to share and leverage their collective experience, expertise, and market presence in order to produce best in class services and solutions to their clients.

The UBA produces the largest survey of health plan cost and design. The insights we gleam from this survey – which is 4X the size of the 2nd largest benchmarking survey – keeps your organization up-to-date and educated, assisting you and your employees in becoming better health care consumers and leading healthier lives.

We partner with the UBA to bring you, our clients, the strategies, knowledge, insights, ideas, expertise and best-in-class products and tools.

When you want to know the latest information, just look for the UBA information feed on our website.