Life insurance is often a part of an employer’s benefits plan. Furthermore, individuals can purchase life insurance to meet their specific needs.

Life insurance is one of the most important financial products a family should own. Owning a life insurance policy is an expression of love and care for those left behind. It provides them with security that, should something happen to the policy owner, their needs will be met. Simply stated, the benefits from a life insurance policy provide much-needed cash to the family or those closest to the deceased during a time of heightened need.

When considering life insurance, we start with the individual’s needs. The type and amount of coverage will be based on a variety of factors including the quality of the insurance company and the price of insurance that best fits individual needs.

The life insurance benefit can be used to provide cash flow for survivors’ living expenses, pay off debt, provide funds for end-of-life expenses, and more. The policy owner can specify how the funds are to be used, who will benefit from them, and in what proportion. Funds can be designated for memorials, for favorite charities, or to fund educational expenses for a child, grandchild, or others so designated.

Talk with one of our licensed agents about how to determine your life insurance needs, and how to find the right policy, whether for individual coverage or as a group life insurance plan.