We work with employers of all sizes to design health insurance benefits that can stand on their own or be part of a benefits package. We also provide individual health insurance options.

Employees consistently rate health insurance as their most cherished employer-provided benefit. Many individuals who are searching for jobs care more about the quality of their health plan than other factors, sometimes even including salary.

Health insurance carries with it peace of mind and a sense of security. Lacking health insurance, or having the wrong health plan, can cause stress and worry.

Customized solutions

We also believe in providing choices that will meet the health plan owner’s needs. For employers, we design a variety of health benefit plans that are customized to fit the employer’s priorities – and that help recruit and retain quality employees. We present plan options and choices from several insurance companies.

For individuals, we are able to assist in choosing health plans offered by Minnesota’s finest insurance carriers.

Personal Service

We will always provide personalized services to our clients, whether individuals or employees, to answer questions and we can assist in resolving issues with insurance companies. Ask one of our licensed insurance agents to help you sort through the options, and find one that meets your needs.