DOL Releases Updated FMLA Forms

The Department of Labor (DOL) recently released updated versions of the FMLA Notice and Request Forms.

Listed below are 4 few key points to be aware of:

  • The content on the forms has not necessarily changed. The forms have been streamlined to assist with verifying and communicating more specific information.
  • The Eligibility Notice and Right and Responsibilities Notice have been combined into one document.
  • The Department does not require the use of a specific form and format, so you can continue to use former versions of the forms.  However, these are updated tools available to you making the process easier for both you and your employees to understand.
  • Additionally, On July 16, 2020, Wage and Hour Division announced a Request for Information (RFI) to be published in the Federal Register seeking the public’s feedback on the administration and use of the law.  All comments are due by September 16, 2020.  Click here for more information on the process for your voice to be heard.

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