Boutique AND Big

Our mission at The Cleveland Company is TCC : “Total Customer Care” – taking exceptional care of our clients and their employees via affordable, comprehensive benefit plans, that people understand.

What sets us apart from the other Employee Benefits Consulting firms is our experience, our partnerships and licensed, professional staff.

We are big in helping our customers navigate the often confusing and constantly changing, highly regulated employee benefits waters.

We like to think we are Boutique AND Big.

May I explain?

Boutique: We remain a family owned businesses, and have grown to a team of 11. And Big: we have 140 offices in 48 states.

How is that possible? We belong to the United Benefits Advisers (UBA) network.  UBA is the nation’s leading organization of independent benefit advisors who are bound by a code of conduct to actively cultivate, validate and share wisdom with busy benefit decision makers nationwide who want peace of mind through trust in knowing they are making informed choices in a complex marketplace.

Our clients have experience the comfort of working with a local advisor and the confidence from the backing of a national organization.

We know the local market, provide insightful and personalized service and access to world-class products and services through the collective buying power of more than 140 offices in the United States, and an additional 60 more internationally.

Boutique AND Big: In addition, we have well vetted resources locally that have the expertise to help your small business grow. We have nurtured relationships with CPAs, Employment Law professionals, Executive Benefits Consultants, Executive Coaching Consultants, Compensation Planning, Building Leasing, Equipment Leasing, plus every Financial Service provider you need to grow your business including Banks, Credit Unions, and Short Term Cash Flow providers. Don’t waste your precious time calling, meeting, hoping and praying that a business services provider is right for you. All our referrals have earned the responsibility of being a trusted partner of The Cleveland Company. Thus you can trust them with your business.

I know there are many, many choices for business when choosing an employee benefits provider.  I was humbled when we asked why our client’s choose to do business with us, they emphatically said it was the personal touch and the fact that we are small with big resources.

Here’s what Nicole Dodge, Director of HR at Quality Tech Services, said:

“The Cleveland Company has been a respected and dependable partner to us for over 8 years. In working with John and his team we find them to be extremely reliable, responsive and resourceful. They are proactive in staying ahead of industry trends to provide services and solutions to meet the changing landscape. In addition to a welcoming and friendly staff, one of the things we also value is that information is presented in a manner that can be understood and appreciated by all audiences.”

Boutique: The Cleveland Company offers personal service. We are accessible. We answer our own phones, and emails, and every person at our office is fully licensed by the State of Minnesota. It’s not usual to call our office and have the phone answered by my partner and sister, Michelle Maher.

We live here, we are a small business and know and understand our clients, plus our industry.

Big: One of the hardest responsibilities small business owners have is selecting the best health care plan for their employees. To gain some insight, take a look at the latest findings from the United Benefit Advisors Health Plan Survey, the nation’s most comprehensive health plan survey, related to how Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are being used by businesses.


So which is faring better in the industry, HRAs or HSAs? And who offers the best and worst plans? The answers depend on where you are located in the country, what industry you’re in, and how many employees you have.

You can get a free copy of UBA’s special report here:

And if you want more information you can contact us, The Cleveland Company, your UBA partner firm.

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